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Refer any PowerSoft products and receive an additional 1 month free!

How it Works

When you or your office refers any PowerSoft products to a brokerage, both your brokerage and the referral brokerage receive 1 additional month of the PowerSoft product for FREE! Complete this form with your Brokerage information, and pass it along to other brokers and brokerages who are interested in our Products. Remember to remind them that this form must be included when they order any PowerSoft product.

The Details

The referring brokerage must be a current customer of PowerSoft. The additional free month is applied to the next PowerSoft product renewal.

The referral brokerage must be a new customer to PowerSoft and this offer will extend their PowerSoft product order to 13 months

This offer can not be combined with other offers or discounts.

For more information on the PowerSoft Referral Program call the PowerSoft Sales Team toll-free at 1-888-833-7697 or email PowerSoft Sales at sales@power-soft.com

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