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About PowerSoft
Upcoming Broker Conventions
PowerSoft representatives will be in attendance at the following industry trade shows. Please feel free to drop by our booth to view a software demo, or ask a question, or just to say hello. You can also enter to win one of our prestigious draw prizes, so be sure to bring your business card!
Online Sales Presentations
Below is a list of upcoming online sales demonstrations for our PowerQuote rating and home evaluation software. Each demonstration will be approximately one hour in duration, and will cover automobile rating and property rating, as well as a brief overview of the home evaluator and integration capabilities with different broker management systems, such as PowerBroker and sigXP. We will also review the SyncWorks automatic update service, and a number of other exclusive features and benefits that are only available with PowerQuote.

To attend one of the PowerQuote Sales Demonstrations, please click the registration link beside the session you would like to attend, and follow the steps to complete the registration. Please note that these Sales demonstrations are not intended for existing PowerQuote clients. If you are an existing client and are looking for training, please click here to view our upcoming training schedule.
Registration steps - Please read carefully.
PowerHouse Web Industry Accepted Below select the training seminar you wish to join. If this is the first time using this service you will be prompted to download a piece of software that will allow you to view the seminar. After you have downloaded and installed the software you will be asked to register for the event that you will be attending.

PowerHouse Web Industry Accepted There are no specific system requirements to use our webinar service. Since the service is web based, you will need to have a browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari) installed on your PC or Mac. The audio side of the webinar is provided by our Conference service. You will be provided with a phone number prior to the event. You will need to put the phone on Speaker phone mode.

PowerHouse Web Industry Accepted Registrations must be provided to us at least 24 hours prior to the training event. Late registrations will not be accepted. All webinar times are in Pacific Standard Times (PST).

PowerHouse Web Industry Accepted Anyone registering with a free email account (ex. gmail, hotmail, yahoo) will not be accepted. Please use an email address from your organization or brokerage

PowerSoft Developement Corp PowerQuote Demonstration
- Thursday, Nov 4th, 2010 10:00am - 11:00am PST   click here to register
- Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2010 10:00am - 11:00am PST   click here to register