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Using the latest in computer technology, PowerSoft has designed a personal lines insurance rating service with the insurance broker in mind. Designed by insurance brokers, PowerQuote is the solution to all of your quoting and prospecting needs. When coming up with design ideas, the highest priority was given to functionality and ease of use for the broker.

Benefits for your Office

The other main priority we had in mind when developing PowerQuote, was to make sure that we could offer an accurate rating service, at an affordable price, without limiting availability to the smaller, or larger brokerages. That is why we decided to charge our customers based solely on the number of workstations that are used for personal lines quoting in the office. No longer do you have to pay for the number of companies you write business for. PowerQuote allows you to quote ALL of your markets for the same low price, therefore allowing you to abandon those time consuming manuals, so you can now spend that time on more important things. With no upfront, hidden or additional fees, you can see that we do not discriminate our pricing due to the size of a particular brokerage. And with no fees for additional services, like adding or removing markets, or having insurance applications available in PowerQuote, there is no good reason to put off purchasing your own copy of PowerQuote.

On Time Rates

Here at PowerSoft, we realize that prompt delivery of rate revisions and underwriting changes is integral to the operation of your brokerage. That is why we offer a quick and easy one stop solution for keeping your software up to date. Within a week of receiving the rate update from the insurance company, the updated rate engine is posted on our Support Service Portal. As a client, you are "Alerted" via email using our Support Services Portal's "Alert Notification System". To accommodate the internet deprived, we do offer a more tardy CDrom update method, sent once a month.

Exclusive Features

One of the most outstanding features in PowerQuote is the on screen insurance company Underwriting Manual. No longer will you need to refer to your paper manual to discover why a particular market classifies an area or a risk in a unique manner. Instead, you can simply view the underwriting rules on screen at any time during a quote. Your insurersí billing plans and payment schedules are also built into the software, allowing you to present payment options, close the sale, and print the CSIO application immediately.

"What If" scenarios are a part of every insurance quote, and can be handled easily as users quickly change the particulars of a risk, ( liability limit, deductible, model, etc) and immediately compare the difference on screen, or in a printed report or summary. These 'multiple quote sets' or 'requotes' are stored as you work through the quote, for comparison as needed. Of course all quotes can be stored for future reference by any user on the system, and prospecting for new business from previously quoted risks is as simple as running a report.

Donít wait any longer to experience the PowerQuote advantage in your office.

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