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In your business, does your job end when you give the customer the price? No it doesn’t. So why should your quoting software? PowerQuote includes all the necessary tools to help your office succeed in selling. PowerQuote offers billing plan information, over 100 different reports (including rate comparison, with discounts and signature lines), and What If? Re-quoting options - just to name a few of the many quoting and prospecting tools that are available at the click of a mouse.

  • PowerQuote HomePage
  • The PowerQuote home page is more than just a menu, it offers additional features like a Shortcut bar and Folder List to allow quick creation of quotes and evaluations, and views of abeyance items, quotes and evaluations based on each User ID to allow quick retrieval and editing.

  • Automobile Quoting
  • The new Automobile Rate Check section allows users a simple and quick method of quoting, without any underwriting fields. The user provides the underwriting information, like driving class, driving record, territory and market and an accurate quote is seconds away.

  • Habitational Quoting
  • The Habitational section allows for a simple quick method of quoting by either completing the homeowners FullQuote section or simply filling out the quick quote which requires no evaluation. QuickQuote also has a special feature which allows quotes started in QuickQuote to be moved into a Homeowers FullQuote.

  • Advanced Features
  • PowerQuote also offers many advanced features not found in other quoting software, including - User and Group Based Security options which controls the addition, changing, deletion and printing of quotes, prospects and evaluations, and the Event Viewer which tracks system errors, deletion of quotes, prospects and evaluations, and when system utilities have been performed.

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