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No Upfront Fees
  • Purchasing PowerQuote is as hassle free as possible. There are no upfront installation fees, no upfront licensing fees, there are no upfront fees of any kind. Just choose between monthly payment or an annual payment. That’s it.

Simple Pricing
  • It used to be that Rating Software was expensive. It used to be that brokers had to pay individually for their markets. It used to be that brokers weren’t including high risk and substandard carriers in their rating systems and they’d use the manuals for those risks…What was the point of Rating Software if you couldn’t write all of your business with it?
  • PowerQuote changed all that when it entered the market in 1999. All of your markets are included in PowerQuote’s price. We license software strictly on workstation access; simply determine the number of computers requiring access in your office and that’s how we determine licensing costs.
Easy Payments
  • We offer two method of payments - Annual and Monthly. If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, you have the choice of two different withdrawal dates, and there are no service charges

Multiple Offices? No Problem
  • Your license cost includes as many office locations as you need. PowerQuote pricing is based solely on the number of workstations requiring access. Add all of the workstations that require PowerQuote access from each office to determine your licensing requirements.

No Additional Fees
  • Don’t expect to be paying for our exclusive features. PowerQuote license costs include unlimited, toll free access to our Support Service Department up to 60 hours per week. Costs include PowerQuote’s exclusive features like the Underwriting Log, individual Company Billing Plans, free rate updates, a comprehensive reports section and more tools to help you prepare a quote and sell the policy. PowerQuote has NO Hidden Fees.

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