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PowerHouse offers many advanced features that have not been available in the past to Insurance Industry Professionals, when trying to accurately evaluate the replacement cost of a dwelling. These new features accurately accommodate the modern trends in finishing, as well as the upgrading of household features that are commonly refashioned. This can be especially useful in situations where an older house has undergone a recent renovation, and the addition is constructed within the parameters of a different class than the original structure. From renovations, to multiple family features, PowerHouse has the tools you need to produce the most accurate evaluations possible.

  • Contact Details
  • The Prospect Information screen requires standard customer information, like name and address, and the effective and expiry dates for the evaluation. With a simple click of the mouse, you can import Customer/Prospect information from your BMS software client list.

  • Dwelling Details
  • The Dwelling Information screen asks for basic information about the house, like the dwelling style, square footage, and attic, bonus room and basement square footages. There are also drop down windows that provide the user with options for what type of property access and foundation type the dwelling has.

  • Interior/Exterior
  • The Interior/Exterior screen asks for the relevant information on the dwelling’s interior and exterior, including the exterior door type, exterior wall type and roofing type. It also asks for the total number of full and half bathrooms, the interior wall height, and the flooring types.

  • Addition/Wings
  • The Addition/Wings screen allows for up to 2 Additions or Ells to the residence. To ensure accuracy information is collected for each Addition or Ell separately.

  • Additional Features
  • PowerHouse has an extensive collection of additional items, like mechanical systems and garages, each with an assigned value. Since PowerHouse is a component based calculator, every square foot of decking, every skylight, and every fireplace needs to be input to generate accurate replacement costs. Multi family features, like additional bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and electrical services also add to the replacement value of a home, and have not been overlooked.

  • Upgrade Items
  • The Upgrade Items section allows the user to include items that are commonly added to a house, like upgraded kitchen cupboards and countertops, swimming pools, and sunrooms. There is also an extensive collection of built-in items, including sump pumps, jetted tubs, alarm systems, central vacuums, water softeners, and many more. In addition, the Custom Features section allows items which are user defined in description and price, and should include any component of the house that has not already been included in the evaluation.

  • Evaluation Summary
  • The Evaluation Summary screen shows an overview of the evaluation. It details the Base Cost Breakdown, additional modifiers, like location and debris removal, and a summary of the evaluation. Click the expand buttons to view the features that have been included under each heading.

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